In-Room amenities & services

In-room amenities

We provide a free Wi-Fi connection throughout the hotel, including in all of our guests rooms & suites.
- Network: Wifi 
- Password: 2018

For your safety & convenience, all rooms & suites are equipped with a safety deposit locker.
Operation instructions are detailed on a card placed on top of the safe.

All room are equipped with a TV and a bluetooth dock station.

Phone guide

Garment care

Please give your laundry in the evening, it will be returned the day after. If you need it for the same day, we have an express service with an extra charge of 50%.

This service is available from April - Monday to Saturday. Closed on Sunday.
If we collect your clothes on Saturday morning, select the express service if you wish to have your clothes delivered on Saturday night. 

In-room services

The CHÂTEAU DE LA CHEVRE D’OR, nestling in the heart of the medieval town of Eze, midway between the Mediterranean and the sky, offers an atmosphere of singular family warmth. For you convenience and comfort, our team is at your disposal for any request you may have.